The Angel

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I was travelling one of the worst paths.
I didn’t know I could see an angel.
Someone who I fell with, as aftermath
I thought who’ll be with me in my shell

The angel was loving, kind, and sincere
At first, yes, well at least that’s how I felt
But why am I so down and alone here,
Like I was whipped hundred times by a belt?

I wish I had seen it earlier before,
I can’t say I was used nor a victim
I hope the angel is worth falling for
Not a bad devil or the reaper, Grim

I hate myself for falling too quickly
Things didn’t turn out the way I want
The angel is not real, bad news for me.
I should wait, never again I would hunt.

As much as I want to tell you all the explanation for this poem, I think I don't have the guts and the braveness, nor the strength to type it in here. 

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