This is my 3rd blog and I created this to publish every piece of literature being composed my secret literary side. 

I'm not actually a poet, nor an avid reader of literature but there's something I like to try to make especially when I realized something important when it comes to life. There are times that I just come to my senses and want to get a pen or wanna make me turn on my laptop and write this realization I just found out about life.

I wanna record it so I won't forget it in the near or far future and want to share it and I'm hoping that the readers of my blog will all like it and I wish you'll all get my fair point. :)

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    Hello everyone! I'm kind of new here in Blog making. Well, I'm Arjay. Since I don't have a job yet, (yeah, I'm useless), nothing to do in our house and CURRENTLY have an internet connection, I'm going to use my spare time writing random things, but mostly about entertainment (like recent films and TV series I watched, books I read, musics I hear, etc.) I hope you all have a time to read my posts and I'll do my best to entertain you with my words. I'm friendly, childish, jolly, and also stupid and trust worthy. You can find a friend in me :D
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