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Change, change, isn't it very unfair?
Why is it permanent forever?
I want this but how can I ever
pretend that this stays forever?

Time, men, everything will fade and flow.
All will be gone, everything we know.
I wish all of this is just a show
Scripted, fun, perfect on the go

Life is like a dangerous forest,
Full of adventures and dead branches.
We'll remember all, no more, no less.
Thinking of my future for the best.

But you know what my real problem is?
Transition, change, I have a long list.
A list that won't get a goodbye kiss.
A list that someday I'm gonna miss.

Inside I'm afraid how will this go,
Outside I'm carefree, that's what they know.
I'm not a land that people can plow.
Outside I'm high but inside I'm low.

Another original poem I just wrote based on one of the saddest feelings I am currently feeling inside. I'm the type of person who doesn't think about my future, on the things that are going to happen, or that's what I thought. This is the first time I'm going to reveal to all that can read this (to the world) that I am actually afraid of transition. I am very afraid of changing everything in my life. I'm not talking about physical stuff like that. I'm talking about  leaving all the good and bad memories behind. I know I have the choice to remember it all but I also know that I'm not capable of doing it to all the memories that I wanna treasure.  I don't want to or I don't know how to embrace the changes in my life.

I'm also afraid on being left behind. I'm just acting tough so everyone around me will think that I'm doing fine and honestly speaking I'm very good at that, PRETENDING. But if only they knew what I really feel inside, I don't know what will they do to cheer me up, or if they will really do something to make me happy. 

I'm the type of person who has a very high pride, high as the sky, so I can't manage to tell my problem to anyone especially if it's phenomenal, if it's dead serious.

That's all I wanna say but I wish that life is just like a movie/show. A scripted piece of artistic entertainment that I can control and decide what will going to happen. Wish everything just stayed as it was, but time is a b*tch and all. :)

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