The Moon and the Clouds

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I went outside and faced the sky
The moon was intensely glowing
I faced above and looked up high
I saw the moon, swiftly moving

I saw the clouds, white as snow
How come the moon's the only one?
Leaving them all not so slow
Perhaps it's aiming: "Number 1"

I think, and now I realize
What I saw is not partly real
Who were the culprits? My eyes?
The clouds were running, so surreal.

Now I know that I was deceived
By my own eyes, wish I had seen.
From now on I will not believe
Find the truth, what they really mean.

The Moon and the Clouds. This is a poem I just wrote mainly because I feel like it. HAHA.
Well, there's kind of a strangely simple story behind it and it just happened probably a short period of time before I wrote it. 

I went outside and noticed that it was very bright and I believe it's obviously because of the moon. It was Full Moon, btw. So I went and did my business, (I peed. LOL) and noticed the moon is strangely moving fast. I know that the moon is moving but to my surprise, it was moving way faster than the usual so while peeing (shame on me), I just stared at it and observed how the moon is moving and passing through the clouds. But as I looked at it, I noticed that no matter how fast the moon moves, it's not changing it's place. It's still remaining at that exact position and thus, I conclude, that I was deceived by my eyes! The clouds were the ones that are moving very fast, pacing below the moon. 

That's just about the whole story. I just want to make a poem about how I was deceived by my eyes. LOL. I know, strange and funny but I wanna cherish the moment on how every simple little things make me realize bigger things, especially when it comes to life.

But really, are the clouds moving? The moon? Or the Earth itself?
I hope you get it. :)

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